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  • Life is good

    Life is good My computer is silent! (See history here and here.) It was the fan bearing after all. And rather than being without my computer for a couple of days, IT was able to hot swap my hard drive into another laptop. I don’t have to reinstall a bunch of programs. All I lost was about 45 minutes in computer support and my “Life is Good” sticker on the old laptop.

    Guess it’s time to get another sticker. ;)

  • Continuing computer woes

    My computer is still making noises. In fact, I think it’s getting worse.

    I just don’t want to be without my computer for a couple of days while this one gets fixed.

  • Missing sock?

    Last night, my work computer starting making a funny noise — not a good funny noise, but a bad funny noise, like a bearing going out. I couldn’t tell whether it was my hard disk or just the fan, but I didn’t want to take chances. I called computer support, got a ticket number after probably half an hour on hold, and then walked to the support area with my computer.

    Because I thought the noise might be thermally related, I restarted the computer when I got there. Unfortunately, by the time I was first in line, the noise had decreased to the point the it could barely be heard.

    The support guy got a can of compressed air and blew it into the side of my computer. I swear, enough lint flew out to explain the unmatched sock in my sock bin. Could that be it? (How did that lint get in there? I’ve only had this computer for a few months!)

    Update: Now that my computer has been plugged in for a while, the noise is back, and clearly audible over the running dishwasher — not good.

  • WiFi disconnects solved, NOT

    My work laptop was recently upgraded to Windows XP Pro SP2. Now my wireless access doesn’t work. Ever two to three minutes, my wireless link shuts down and attempts to restart. Half the time, it doesn’t succeed. When I connect directly, it’s not too irritating. When I’m using VPN to connect to the Outlook server at work, it’s maddening. The glitch shuts down VPN and takes Outlook offline. I might as well not even try to connect.

    I thought my wireless gateway was at fault, so I bought a new one. That was probably money I didn’t need to spend. At least the new one is prettier and has a couple more features.

    After searching, I’ve discovered that SP2 added a “feature” called wireless zero configuration. Stopping the service has resulted in some improvement, until I want to move my laptop to another access point. The following links provide some good information, though I’m still searching for the ultimate answer.

    I’m open to suggestions…



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