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  • Cool Evening

    Cool Evening

  • Red Sky in the Morning

    Red Sky in the Morning

    I handed the camera to Ashley as I drove her to a computer class at OHSU this morning. I’m always amazed by the different colors of the sky. And, sure enough, it was raining before evening.

  • Headed Home

    Headed Home

    Walking out to the car, I saw this. Now, you do too.

  • Morning Reflections

    Morning Reflections

    OHSU as seen from the VA before sunrise.

  • Clouds + Trees + Field

    Clouds + Trees + Field

    Unlike last week, my morning bike ride is not the mile and a half to the Sunriver village; it’s three-plus miles to work. As a plus, I get to take pictures from my “favorite photo spot” across from the airport.

  • Friday Evening

    Friday Evening

    A view from the back porch swing. Evening Sounds Not recorded tonight, it still feels right…

  • A View From 6A

    A View From 6A

    I printed my boarding pass this evening and confirmed my seat: 6B. Drat! An aisle seat. I boarded, sat down, and waited for Mr. 6A to appear. He came down the aisle and stopped. “I’m sorry,” gesturing across my knees. I asked if he cared about which seat was his. “No.” I scooted left and…

  • Another Good Friday

    Another Good Friday

    It’s Friday! The weather is gorgeous. Here are a few of the shots I took on the ride to work. I hope you have a wonderful day. This is day 8 on the bike this year.

  • Another Beautiful Morning

    Another Beautiful Morning

    Another day, another chance to ride my bike to work. The professional weather predictors said rain, but my trusty weather rock said, “Not yet.” I stopped at Starbucks along the way and cooled in a chair outside, watching the people go by. It was great to start with no: no book, no magazine, no music,…