My Starbucks Signature Drink

How to order

My Starbucks Signature lets you build your drink, name it, and share it with your friends. For those fearful of looking stupid, it will even tell you the “correct” way to order your drink (not that I’ve ever had problems with that).1I don’t have problems with ordering or with looking stupid. Sometimes I can do both at once. Regardless, my barista gets my drink right. :-) My Starbucks Signature can also show you nutrition information, but it’s wrong, at least in my case. It doesn’t show the result of all my customizations.

If you want to order my favorite drink for me, now you know how. You’re welcome. ;-)

Update: After visiting my Starbucks this morning, I realized how I really order my Starbucks drink: I hand over my rewards card and say, “My regular, please.” They write my name on my cup and my order on the sleeve.

By Brent Logan

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  1. Despite the numerous instructional signs to educate novices and dolts, I cracked under the pressure when the guy working the window barked “Whad’ya want?” at me as I stepped up to the window to order. Ever since, I’ve been intimidated into silence (yes, me and yes, that’s beyond r-a-r-e) by any place that coaches me into correct ordering. Looks like I’ll be rethinking Starbucks. ;)

  2. Ah, don’t worry about looking stupid. I know “someone” who ordered a “tai chi” instead of a “chai tea.” Ha! :-D

    Have fun with it. Make it an adventure. Don’t use their size names. Say “medium” instead of “grande.” Say it in the wrong order. Ask them what’s in the drink and what they recommend. It’s all good.

    Or ignore me — after all, I’m the type that likes to go to Dairy Queen and ask if they serve nerds Blizzards. Ya gotta love the confused looks on their sweet young faces.

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