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  • Northwest weekend

    Northwest weekend

    This past weekend, Suzi treated me to a weekend in the Sound. We stayed in Tacoma, at the same place we’d stayed a few years ago. We got much-needed rest and explored Point Ruston and Point Defiance Park. A ferry ride to Vashon Island sounded like a good idea. We visited the lighthouse at Point…

  • Red moon over Sacramento

    Red moon over Sacramento

    A flight from Mather to Hillsboro took off much too early this morning. Sitting on the left side, my tired eyes were spared a bright sunrise, but not the sinking moon.

  • My Open Apology to a Nighttime Cyclist

    Dear Nighttime Cyclist: I’m sorry. I didn’t see you. You hate to hear that, I know. I’m a cyclist, too. I’m sensitive to the issue. But I didn’t see you. I’m glad I didn’t hit you. I would have had no excuse. You were riding where you were supposed to be — on the right…

  • Friday Evening

    Friday Evening

    A view from the back porch swing. Evening Sounds Not recorded tonight, it still feels right…

  • Digital Grain

    Digital Grain

    Taking pictures of fireworks on the Fourth forced me out of my comfort zone with my DSLR. I couldn’t use the programmed exposure mode. Instead, I used shutter priority, or what Canon calls Tv mode. I was amazed at how easy it was: make a guess at an appropriate shutter speed, take the shot, and…