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  • Northwest weekend

    Northwest weekend

    This past weekend, Suzi treated me to a weekend in the Sound. We stayed in Tacoma, at the same place we’d stayed a few years ago. We got much-needed rest and explored Point Ruston and Point Defiance Park. A ferry ride to Vashon Island sounded like a good idea. We visited the lighthouse at Point…

  • My favorite photos of 2016

    My favorite photos of 2016

    At the end of every year, I review the pictures I’ve posted here and select a few I’m most proud of. This year is no exception. Enjoy! And one animation, for fun. :-) Do you have a favorite? Update. Like last year, there’s a site that generates a collage of an account’s nine most-liked Instagram…

  • Dickman Mill

    Dickman Mill

    A little more than a week ago, Suzi and I walked the Tacoma Waterfront. I collected sore muscles and some pictures. I posted a few previously. These are some of the piles for the Dickman Lumber Mill, all that’s left of it.

  • Tacoma Waterfront

    Tacoma Waterfront

    Suzi and I made a quick getaway to Tacoma so we could attend Jamison’s music festival. Friday morning, Suzi and I took a walk along the waterfront.