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  • Stormy Cannon Beach

    Stormy Cannon Beach

    Monday evening, Suzi and I were relaxing before bed when the lights at the inn blinked. They were out only a couple of seconds and we were glad when they came back on. Unfortunately, not that much later, they went out again … and then stayed out.

    We still had internet, so I was able to jump on the power company’s site to learn that there was a powerline issue. This wasn’t a surprise as the wind was picking up. And the power was supposed to be fixed by morning. Sure enough, at 6:15 am, the power came back. Suzi said it came on during the night, at least briefly, but I slept through it.

    Although the weather was windy, I wanted to take the shot I’d attempted the day before. Headed south/upwind, I had to cover my mouth with my hands to be able to breathe. My phone’s weather app said the wind was a steady 29 mph with gusts to 52. I believe it.

    After getting my picture, we watched the wind and waves from the comfort of our room. We checked out and headed to Second Street to discover the waves again coming up to the sea wall, maybe even higher than yesterday.

    Sea foam coats the cars

    At Tolovana we saw waves even higher than yesterday. I discovered that when the waves hit the access ramp wall and steps, they reflect back into the oncoming waves, colliding with soaking spray.1Ask me how I know about the soaking part… ;-) The wind blew the foam into the parking lot, coating the cars’ windshields.

    Not wanting to drive after dark through the coast hills in high winds, we headed home early. Suzi checked the maps and said highway 26 was closed, but I ignored her and kept going. I should have listened. We hit the closure at about milepost 15. TripCheck said the road would be closed for another couple of hours.2Long road closures are never good news.

    Watching the waves in our candlelit room

    We turned around and checked in for another night. The power was out again, as it was for virtually all of Cannon Beach. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the same luck with the internet and it was too dark to read. It was an early night for me.

    More photos and movies the next morning, followed by breakfast at our new favorite breakfast spot. Then we headed home, successfully this time.

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      Ask me how I know about the soaking part… ;-)
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      Long road closures are never good news.
  • Cannon Beach weekend

    Cannon Beach weekend

    This past weekend, Suzi and I visited Cannon Beach to celebrate our recent anniversary. Friday evening, we watched the Rock from our balcony.

    The next morning, we relaxed.1Translation: slept in We walked the beach, visited Insomnia, and walked the beach some more. At low tide, we wandered around the rocks. I found a few sea anemones, but no sea stars like we saw before the massive die-off nearly a decade ago.

    I think the prior weekend had king tides so the beach was scrubbed fairly flat with clear evidence that the waves had gone all the way to the dunes and sea walls.

    Like every time we visit Cannon Beach, Ecola Creek crossed the sand differently. This time it was wide, shallow, and split before it joined the ocean. The rocky bottom of the old creek bed, along with some old stumps, was exposed.

    Sunday, I got up a little earlier and caught the sunrise at the Rock. The beach was largely empty, with another photographer capturing the view.

    After another walk down the beach and back, Suzi and I decided to explore down the coast a little bit. We visited Arch Cape, Hug Point, and Manzanita. I experimented with a telephoto lens, taking pictures of the spray2A slower shutter speed would have been better. and the cliffs at the north end of the beach.

    As we drove back north, it was nearly sunset so we stopped at Tolovana to see the beautiful end to a short vacation.

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      Translation: slept in
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      A slower shutter speed would have been better.
  • Cannon Beach

    Cannon Beach

    Normally, we visit Cannon Beach shortly after the new year, and then multiple times throughout the year. This year, we tried to go in late January but had to turn around because of snow and accidents in the coastal mountains. Going through my photos, I see that we visited mid-March, and then not again. Until yesterday, that is.

    Suzi, Heather, Jamison, and I loaded into Heather’s car, with Gilligan and Oakley in the back with treats.1The treats that they didn’t touch until they got home… We were concerned that it might be snowing (again!) on the pass and wanted to all be in the same car. When we left, it was rainy with no relief in sight. As we neared, we saw blue sky to the west, and maybe only to the north. A wager was placed on whether blue sky would be visible at Cannon Beach.2The blue sky didn’t need to be directly above, but it needed to be more than just a little hole in the clouds. Blizzards were at stake. We arrived to see sufficient blue for me to lose.3Which also meant that I won, right? ;-) And when we arrived, the blue sky *was* also directly overhead.

    Some of us got hot drinks and we walked on the beach to the Needles and a little beyond. Another beautiful day at the beach.

    We’re making plans for the next visit. We can’t wait as long this time.

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      The treats that they didn’t touch until they got home…
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      The blue sky didn’t need to be directly above, but it needed to be more than just a little hole in the clouds. Blizzards were at stake.
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      Which also meant that I won, right? ;-) And when we arrived, the blue sky *was* also directly overhead.
  • My favorite photos of 2019

    My favorite photos of 2019

    Every year, I post my favorite photos. Some years, I’ve been able to cut it down to my top ten, but not this year. For that matter, I couldn’t limit myself to fewer than eleven photos from Cannon Beach… :-D

    Many years, I’ve also posted my top nine from Instagram, but again, not this year, as I posted fewer than nine on Instagram during 2019.

    These pictures all make me happy. I could imagine printing all of them and hanging them on my walls.

    I hope at least one makes you happy, too!

  • Cannon Beach

    Cannon Beach

    Today, Suzi, Heather, Melissa, Jamison, Gilligan, and I visited Cannon Beach. Gilligan played fetch and swam the creek.1She’s so tired now that she almost needs help getting up on the couch. Poor puppy! Jamison flew his drone.2Maybe, pictures and/or videos to follow. We all walked to Haystack Rock and the Needles. And I took pictures.

    At the Rock, I talked to a gentleman who claimed to have walked through the cave on the side of the rock many years ago. The tide was low enough today to make a quick exploration almost tempting. I also took my picture using the KGW8 live webcam. I’m the person on the far left.

    Another great day on the Oregon coast!

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      She’s so tired now that she almost needs help getting up on the couch. Poor puppy!
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      Maybe, pictures and/or videos to follow.
  • Cannon Beach Live Sunset

    Cannon Beach Live Sunset

    Sunset at Cannon Beach is pretty special. I just can’t get there every evening. Thankfully, KGW8 offers a live webcam.

    KGW8 Live Camera of Haystack Rock and The Needles on Cannon Beach.

    Tonight’s view was gorgeous!

  • Cannon Beach with the Pups

    Cannon Beach with the Pups

    Today, Suzi, Heather, and Gilligan met Ashley, Kevin, and Mousse at the beach. The dogs immediately ran into the river then greeted every dog on the beach. We walked to the Rock and back. Everyone had a great time.

    Positively heavenly!

  • Christmas visit to Canon Beach

    Christmas visit to Canon Beach

    Any time of the year is a great time to visit Cannon Beach. In fact, we have a tradition of visiting the beach on the first weekend of the new year. As our kids have grown up and moved out and away, it’s more difficult to do with everyone. This year, it would be impossible. So, rather than admit defeat, we went when everyone could — on Christmas day! After stockings and opening our presents, we loaded all of us and the dogs into a couple of cars and headed off.

    Unsurprisingly, the weather was great and the company better. We skipped our normal visit to Insomnia1Insomnia Coffee, like everything else we like to visit in Cannon Beach, was closed for Christmas (except for the beach itself) and went straight to the beach. The dogs had a great time running around the beach and into the water. We walked to the Rock, took some pictures, and Jamison and Kevin flew Jamison’s drone.

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      Insomnia Coffee, like everything else we like to visit in Cannon Beach, was closed for Christmas (except for the beach itself)
  • Cannon Beach Memories

    Cannon Beach Memories

    Suzi knew this was going to be a tough day so she had a great idea: let’s go to Cannon Beach.

    Don’t mind if we do. Thanks, Suzi. :-)

  • Cannon Beach Proposal

    Cannon Beach Proposal

    My family is scattered around the globe today so I decided to go to Cannon Beach, my happy place. I walked to Haystack Rock and The Needles and I took my typical shots from the water’s edge. It was windy and chilly. Not many of us were on the beach.

    As I had a camera with a telephoto lens,1Ok, it’s a little Canon S100 point and shoot. I went to the back of the beach by the bluffs to get some perspective compression in the image. I stood on a large log for some height and waited for people to leave. After all, how long could they stand in the cold? Not longer than I could, I hoped.

    A couple of little dogs scampered by with their humans on their leashes. A man walked by with a car wheel over his shoulder. Through it all, a couple just stood there in the way. They hugged and talked and wandered a bit, but never out of the frame. I took some pictures. Maybe I wouldn’t ever get a clear shot so I might as well get one with only a couple of people in it. They might give balance to the composition. And they could provide scale to The Needles.

    Finally, they walked up the beach and left. Success! I could take the picture I wanted.

    I was cold so I wandered back to see if Insomnia was still open (nope!) and went into the Jeffrey Hull Gallery. I talked to the man behind the counter. We’ve talked many times before. I told him about my beach adventures and showed him a couple of my pictures and talked about the couple. I said I’d wanted to see a proposal. After all, “It could happen.” Then I left and drove home.

    I downloaded the pictures on my computer and found this shot. Huh. Look at that!

    So, I don’t know who the couple is. I don’t know if she said yes. But assuming she did and they’d like the picture, I’d love to get it to them. They can have the original, full-size shot. My gift.

    Let’s make this happen. I’d appreciate anything you could do to help.

    Update. Here’s how the AI magic of letsenhance.io imagines a tight crop.

    Proposal on the beach

    Btw, apparently there was another proposal at Cannon Beach, earlier the same day. I also posted it on Instagram and Twitter.

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      Ok, it’s a little Canon S100 point and shoot.



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