Digital Grain

Taking pictures of fireworks on the Fourth forced me out of my comfort zone with my DSLR. I couldn’t use the programmed exposure mode. Instead, I used shutter priority, or what Canon calls Tv mode.

I was amazed at how easy it was: make a guess at an appropriate shutter speed, take the shot, and look at the LCD. Adjust and repeat.

I had to try again. Tonight, the subject is the view from the back porch swing, looking north. With some breezes moving the trees, I had to decrease the shutter speed even more, forcing me to increase the ISO to 1600 to get adequate exposure. The high ISO resulted in some digital noise.

I think I like it.

Now I want a tripod. ;-)

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2 responses to “Digital Grain”

  1. gwalter Avatar

    Nice. The camera on my phone is so good, for everyday stuff, and my DSLR is so big and clunky, that I just use the phone. now. But occasionally….

    Last night, my ambulance was “posted” in Lake Grove. I was feeling claustrophobic in the rig, so I ventured out into the park, lay down on a picnic table and looked out at the stars. The scene was incredible – but my phone’s camera wasn’t up to the task. Oh well.

    This is a nice shot Brent!

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    Gary, thanks! I’m having fun experimenting with photography again. I have both an old DSLR (8MP Canon Digital Rebel XT) and an old point and shoot (Nikon Coolpix L18). I’m finding that different strategies work for getting good pictures from these two cameras.

    Sometimes, the mind is the best camera when your electronic camera isn’t up to the task. Even so, I like taking a crappy picture to remind me. I just might not share that one with the world. Or maybe I might. :-D