Another Beautiful Morning

Another day, another chance to ride my bike to work. The professional weather predictors said rain, but my trusty weather rock said, “Not yet.”

I stopped at Starbucks along the way and cooled in a chair outside, watching the people go by. It was great to start with no: no book, no magazine, no music, no computer, and no talk show host. Just me and my white mocha, planning the day.

My plans completed, I freed my bike and pedaled the rest of the way to work. Opposite the Hillsboro airport, I had to stop and take a couple of pictures of the sky.

Will it rain? Maybe, maybe not. ? :-)

This is day seven on the bike this year.

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One response to “Another Beautiful Morning”

  1. Brent Logan Avatar

    My weather rock is always right. Not only did it accurately tell the current (non-raining) weather conditions in the morning, but no rain fell all day.