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Tag: Mitt Romney

  • Presidential Candidates in Their Home States

    How well are the candidates doing in the primaries in their homes states? Can they carry at least a majority? Is having more than two viable candidates affecting the Republicans? The following charts might provide a little insight to these questions. John McCain in Arizona John McCain stands alone as the candidate not to win…

  • CBS’ Wallace Asks Romney: Premarital Sex?

    Oh, how I long for those simple days of yesteryear when the media asked presidential candidates classy questions like “boxers or briefs?” Somehow CBS’ Mike Wallace thought it acceptable to ask Mitt Romney whether he’d had premarital sex. Disgraceful! Hat tip: AllahPundit at Hot Air.

  • Religion in the 2008 Presidential Election

    Religion is playing a large role in the 2008 presidential election. Recently: Mainstream media has noticed that Mitt Romney is Mormon and is doing its best to alert everyone that Romney’s great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather had more than one wife. (By the way, it’s interesting to note that candidate Romney has had only one wife, while…