Presidential Candidates in Their Home States

How well are the candidates doing in the primaries in their homes states? Can they carry at least a majority? Is having more than two viable candidates affecting the Republicans? The following charts might provide a little insight to these questions.

John McCain in Arizona

John McCain stands alone as the candidate not to win a majority vote in his home state. Ron Paul is the only remaining candidate who could match this “achievement.”

If the 3% that voted for Rudy Giuliani had voted for McCain, his total would have been 50%. And if bullfrogs had wings… It’s pretty weak support for the likely winner of the Republican nomination.

Mike Huckabee in Arkansas

Republican Arkansas voters turned out to give Mike Huckabee a clear win at 60% compared to McCain’s 20% and Romney’s 14%.

Mitt Romney in Massachusetts

Mitt Romney wins in a squeaker with 51% of the vote in a virtual two-man race against John McCain. The other three candidates received less than 10% of the vote combined.

Ron Paul in Texas

This primary will occur on March 4.

Hillary Clinton in Arkansas

Not much to see here — move along. Hillary Clinton trounces Barack Obama with 70% vs. 27%.

Barack Obama in Illinois

Barack Obama returns the favor by beating Hillary Clinton, though not by quite the same margin, at 64% vs. 33%.

Source: New York Times Election Guide 2008: Primary Season Election Results as of February 7, 2008
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