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  • Be a voter

    Be a voter

    Election day is nearly here. In fact, I would bet most of us in Oregon have already voted. People give a few reasons why we should vote: Vote now or shut up later Voting is your best chance to change the government Voting is your civic duty I’m not convinced I agree with any of…

  • Obama Reelected

    Obama Reelected

    Because I’d rather party with the winners than mourn with the losers, I repost this picture from four years ago. My hope for the next four years is that Obama makes good on some of the promises he made during his first presidential bid: get us out of war, restore our civil rights, and lead…

  • Be a Voter

    Be a Voter

    November 6 is election day. Prove Christopher Bryan and his colleagues right. Or don’t.

  • Supreme Court Justices’ Ages, 2012 Election Update

    Supreme Court Justices’ Ages, 2012 Election Update

    Wars come and go. The economy goes up and goes down. Bulls and bears charge through Wall Street. The military grows more or grows less. Taxes go up and up. Presidents last a term or two. Through it all, supreme court justices write opinions that effect life in America for generations to come. Vote for…

  • Politics on Facebook? No Thanks!

    Politics on Facebook? No Thanks!

    I just saw a scary prediction on Twitter. And it’s probably true: Presidential election 2012 will be about winning the Facebook news feed. Not my news feed. Facebook is like a party: people getting together, bragging, sharing, and telling jokes. It has the same social rules. Don’t be rude. Don’t get drunk and embarrass yourself.…

  • Election 2008 — Vote!

    Election 2008 — Vote!

  • Presidential Candidates in Their Home States

    How well are the candidates doing in the primaries in their homes states? Can they carry at least a majority? Is having more than two viable candidates affecting the Republicans? The following charts might provide a little insight to these questions. John McCain in Arizona John McCain stands alone as the candidate not to win…

  • discusses various vote tallying procedures and advocates why “range voting” is preferred. RangeVoting has enough information to keep you reading, entertaining and educating you throughout.

  • Iraq’s Election Map

    We’ve all seen the red state/blue state maps of the 2004 US presidential election. Last month, I linked to a version that attempts to compensate for population density. Patrick Ruffini has created the Iraqi election result map. Visit his site to see a larger version and some political analysis. Hat tip: