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  • November is coming

    November is coming

    Take steps now to be a voter this November. Register to vote Wash your hands Wear a mask

  • Be a Voter

    Be a Voter

    If you want to vote, you need to be registered. If you’re not and you live in Oregon, you have a little time left. And I stress, little. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Don’t wait for the deadline. Register online right now. If you’re not in Oregon, you might still have time to register. Check your…

  • It’s time to vote!

    It’s time to vote!

    It’s election day eve—most will vote tomorrow. Many of you have already voted. That’s great! I voted a few weeks ago. If you have already know who you’re voting for, you can stop reading right now. I don’t have anything for you other than encouraging you to go vote. If you’re still undecided after months…

  • I voted!

    I voted!

    Yesterday I checked the mail to find our ballots. Woo hoo! I love Oregon’s 100% vote-by-mail system. I didn’t expect to. Before Oregon changed its system some years back, going to the polls was a near-religious experience for me, fulfilling my civic duty and all. Then, the first time I tried voting by mail I…

  • Motivations: Settlers, Prospectors, and Pioneers

    Motivations: Settlers, Prospectors, and Pioneers

    Order and Openness. My friend Shelby recently posted this fun jumping-off point for understanding people’s motivations. It might help explain certain voters. If you’re like me, you’ll want to follow all the links and keep drilling. Update. Of course, there’s also a Wikipedia page on Values Modes. Good stuff (and more links).

  • Be a voter

    Be a voter

    Election day is nearly here. In fact, I would bet most of us in Oregon have already voted. People give a few reasons why we should vote: Vote now or shut up later Voting is your best chance to change the government Voting is your civic duty I’m not convinced I agree with any of…

  • I Voted

  • Be a Voter

    Be a Voter

    November 6 is election day. Prove Christopher Bryan and his colleagues right. Or don’t.

  • Election 2008 — Vote!

    Election 2008 — Vote!