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  • Be a Voter

    Be a Voter

    If you want to vote, you need to be registered. If you’re not and you live in Oregon, you have a little time left. And I stress, little. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Don’t wait for the deadline. Register online right now. If you’re not in Oregon, you might still have time to register. Check your…

  • Tag 5 To Vote

    I don’t normally participate in blog memes, but this one’s important. If you want to vote, you need to register. Time is running out. I’m tagging the following five people: Treowth Josh Bancroft Todd Ramsey Kinchie Taxman Hat tip: Matt Cutts.

  • There’s Still Time to Register for the Oregon Primary

    Oregon’s primary isn’t until May 20, long after when I thought the primaries would be decided. Looks like I was wrong. If you want to vote for who should be the next president (or who shouldn’t be), you still have time to register. For first-time registrations in Oregon and changing party affiliations, the deadline is…