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  • Tag 5 To Vote

    I don’t normally participate in blog memes, but this one’s important. If you want to vote, you need to register. Time is running out. I’m tagging the following five people: Treowth Josh Bancroft Todd Ramsey Kinchie Taxman Hat tip: Matt Cutts.

  • Playing with the Treowth

    My blogging here has been slow as of late. Here are my pitiful excuses: First, I watched Lord of the Rings, director’s cut, no catheter installed. Maybe one of soda can helmet would have been nice, too. Why that movie isn’t at least an R for violence, I’ll never understand. Takeaway: you can depict any…

  • Treowth — My Brother is Blogging

    My brother Bob has a blog, and that’s the Treowth. Sorry, I had to write that. :-) Bob has been following Rambus, Inc. (RMBS) for years and likes to write about their multiple court cases. He also likes to write about other tech business happenings. I’m proud of my big brother. Go take a look.