Treowth — My Brother is Blogging

My brother Bob has a blog, and that’s the Treowth. Sorry, I had to write that. :-)

Bob has been following Rambus, Inc. (RMBS) for years and likes to write about their multiple court cases. He also likes to write about other tech business happenings.

I’m proud of my big brother.

Go take a look.

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3 responses to “Treowth — My Brother is Blogging”

  1. Brother Bob Avatar
    Brother Bob

    Thanks for the plug . . . . and more importantly, the kind words . . . . not to get too mushy, but I am proud of you. Thanks for turning me onto blogging.

  2. Mutha Busser Avatar
    Mutha Busser

    Good work Bob. I too enjoy your Blog, and it appears to be the truth (so far), and I have always believed “The Truth Will Out”. Let’s pray that in the case of Rambus, it WILL.

    Your friend – Mutha

  3. Philip Blackstone Avatar
    Philip Blackstone

    Great work, Bob.