I’m a Winner!

As I like to do to start my work day, I went to get some French vanilla chocolate from the coffee machine. I inserted my dollar, made my selection, and heard a strange beep I’d not heard before. I glanced at the display, saw “WINNER,” and heard a coin drop in the change return. Instead of the two dimes I expected, it was a Sacajawea dollar coin.

So the question remains: is this the harbinger of a great week or did I use up all my good luck on a cup of hot chocolate?

3 responses to “I’m a Winner!”

  1. Anon Avatar

    I thought that “slot machines” were only legal in registered establishments. Does Intel have a gambling license?

  2. Brent Logan Avatar
    Brent Logan

    I’m not convinced a vending machine that randomly refunds money fits the definition of gambling under Oregon law. It’s an interesting question, though…

  3. Brent Logan Avatar
    Brent Logan

    So I go to get my hot chocolate this morning, and the adjacent vending machine advertises its new offer: “Win a movie ticket. Winners will find tickets hidden under $2.75 sandwiches.” The saga continues…