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  • Taylor Guitars Responds to “United Breaks Guitars”

    United Airlines is getting pummeled by the YouTube video, “United Breaks Guitars.” Sure enough, the company mentioned in the video has responded with its own video. Nope. Not United Airlines, but instead, Taylor Guitars, whose guitar United broke. Bob Taylor takes this opportunity to talk about traveling with guitars and their repair services for all guitars, not just the ones they make. Taylor Guitars has also updated its web page to emphasis these issues. Click the picture for a full-size view.

    Do you think United has the guts to respond on YouTube?

  • Playing with the Treowth

    My blogging here has been slow as of late. Here are my pitiful excuses:

    • First, I watched Lord of the Rings, director’s cut, no catheter installed. Maybe one of soda can helmet would have been nice, too. Why that movie isn’t at least an R for violence, I’ll never understand. Takeaway: you can depict any extent of graphic violence to a humanoid without hurting your movie’s rating, including beheadings, impalings, and severed body part catapultings, as long as they have non-European facial features and dark skin.
    • Second, I’ve been practicing my guitars a little more. I was losing my calluses (okay, I had lost my calluses and my limited talent, to boot). To inspire myself, I bought a Buddy Guy live album.
    • Finally, I’ve been helping my brother get his blog Treowth “prettified.” He wanted a new color template/color scheme, advertisements (I made them match the color scheme), and some counters on RMBS stock purchases and litigation costs ($1.2 per second!). They’re all up and working for both IE and Firefox, without or without JavaScript enabled. Go take a look.

    I have a few topics rattling around in my head. Civil unions is one; it’s a hot topic in Oregon. Another is Nepal. My oldest daughter almost decided to go on a mission there this summer. Interesting place… I’m also looking for additional information on class mobility after reading either a post or a comment on the topic by Jasper Emmering and then reading a disappointing chapter on it in James W. Loewen’s, Lies My Teacher Told Me : Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong.

    Update: Treowth’s sidebar ads flicker when viewed using Firefox. There appears to be a solution, but it looks painful. Advantage, IE?



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