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  • Fifteen year blogiversary

    Fifteen years ago, I wrote my first post here. Now, my archives page says there are 2,565 posts. That doesn’t count the many obnoxious posts I decided didn’t represent well. There are probably more that could be deleted. Yup. Most of the posts here still make me happy. It’s common for me to have a…

  • Picture Reset

    Christmas is over. Time to go back to the old profile picture. I changed it nine places. I wonder if I forgot any. Let me know if you see my Santa hat profile picture anywhere.

  • Internet Content Plumbing Simplification

    Inspired by Rafe Needleman’s content overload, I graphed my current Internet content plumbing with an eye to simplifying and improving it.1 I have two blogs: and Exerslog; their content goes to FriendFeed, as do the comments I write on blogan (they are filtered from the entire comments feed by a Yahoo pipe). I don’t…

  • The Disqus Experiment is more an experiment than a platform for expressing my ideas. At least that’s the way it’s played out. It works for me. I have fun trying new cool things. If I have anything important (or not) to say, I have a place to say it. It’s time to try a new comment system.…

  • Update Your Blogroll Automatically

    I used to use WordPress’ built-in blogroll capabilities. No more — it was too much work. My blogroll now updates automatically to always show the feeds I’m reading. Here’s how you can do it, too: Set up Google Reader as your RSS reader. I suspect other online readers would also work, but I know Google’s…

  • Clutter Begone was looking cluttered so I made a few changes: No more ads. The money I was making (not much) wasn’t worth the visual distraction. They’ll probably come back later, but they’re gone for now. No more Snap Shots preview. Josh Bancroft gave me a week before I tired of them. it took about four.…

  • Light Blogging

    I blame it on Tumblr and Twitter.

  • Subscribe to

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  • 100,000 Spam Comments/Trackbacks

    Yesterday, received its 100,000th spam comment or trackback. Thanks to the combination of Akismet and Spam Karma 2, I don’t have to deal with very many of them. Life is good. ;-)