Taylor Guitars Responds to “United Breaks Guitars”

United Airlines is getting pummeled by the YouTube video, “United Breaks Guitars.” Sure enough, the company mentioned in the video has responded with its own video. Nope. Not United Airlines, but instead, Taylor Guitars, whose guitar United broke. Bob Taylor takes this opportunity to talk about traveling with guitars and their repair services for all guitars, not just the ones they make. Taylor Guitars has also updated its web page to emphasis these issues. Click the picture for a full-size view.

Do you think United has the guts to respond on YouTube?

2 responses to “Taylor Guitars Responds to “United Breaks Guitars””

  1. Roy Gardner Avatar
    Roy Gardner

    Thanks for alerting us to that “United Breaks Guitars” video. I got a HUGE kick out of it, and am still laughing! It's musical, it's funny, it wears well, and it really hits a raw spot. I used to fly a lot, and on one trip I actually saw the luggage handling behavior depicted. My two guitars (B.C. Rich B-38 acoustic, Martin D20-12) are in hard cases, but they wouldn't've survived the baggage throwing I witnessed.
    I wonder if David Carroll now dreads becoming better known as a novelty song artist?

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    I won't travel with guitars, at least not by air. I can't imagine a case strong enough and padded enough to protect against typical baggage handling behavior.

    It turns out that Dave Carroll has a statement about the response to his video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ay7hFIYQFnw I'm looking forward to song 2.