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  • 234,162 voting locations in my county

    My county has 234,162 voting locations. Of course, this assumes we only vote at home and not at work, at the park, at the coffee shop, in the car, etc.

    We also have the choice between mailing them in time to arrive by election day or dropping them off at official drop boxes. I see at least nine twenty-one in my county.

    Well done, Oregon!

  • I voted!

    I voted!

    Yesterday I checked the mail to find our ballots. Woo hoo!

    I love Oregon’s 100% vote-by-mail system. I didn’t expect to. Before Oregon changed its system some years back, going to the polls was a near-religious experience for me, fulfilling my civic duty and all. Then, the first time I tried voting by mail I got hooked. With my ballot, a voters’ pamphlet, and my laptop on my kitchen table, I researched each vote until I was comfortable with it.

    No worries about not having done enough research before going to the polls. No worries that I won’t have time on election day to get to the polls. No worries about what polling place to go to. No worries about long lines at the polls. No worries that taking my time was preventing someone else from being able to vote.

    Just plenty of time to do it right.

    I voted. Now it’s your turn. Don’t throw it away.



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