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  • Random thoughts on the election

    Random thoughts on the election

    Yesterday I said I just wanted the election to be over. That was a lie. I wanted a certain result, a different result. I just couldn’t imagine this result. To help myself process, I jotted down a few random thoughts. The pollsters missed on Brexit and now this election. Are we in a post-poll world?…

  • It’s time to vote!

    It’s time to vote!

    It’s election day eve—most will vote tomorrow. Many of you have already voted. That’s great! I voted a few weeks ago. If you have already know who you’re voting for, you can stop reading right now. I don’t have anything for you other than encouraging you to go vote. If you’re still undecided after months…

  • Inaguration Day

    Inaguration Day

  • Quote of the Day — Bob Kerry

    So, the most accurate answer to the question of which of Mrs. Clinton’s mistakes was most costly is probably one I have heard from a number of people and has been written by many others: She and President Clinton should have moved back to her home state after they left the White House. By doing…

  • Obama-Clinton Ticket? Please, No…

    Politico speculates on the pros and cons of an Obama-Clinton ticket. I don’t see it happening. How could a Obama, the “candidate of change,” choose Clinton? We’ve had a Bush or Clinton in the White House since 1981. Photo credit: / CC BY-ND 2.0

  • Bill Clinton: An Unlikely Spokesman for Obama

    Oops! Hat tip: Patterico’s Pontifications.

  • Quote of the Day — Dave Winer

    Truth — Hillary has no actual experience to justify the 3AM ad. She’s never held an executive government position. 0 years experience. # Same with McCain, btw, who makes the experience claims Hillary does. # Woke up at 3AM to see how I felt about George Bush answering the phone at the White House. No…

  • A Problem for Conservatives

    Are conservatives going to be voting for McCain or against the Democrat candidate? Neither prospect makes me very happy.

  • Presidential Candidates in Their Home States

    How well are the candidates doing in the primaries in their homes states? Can they carry at least a majority? Is having more than two viable candidates affecting the Republicans? The following charts might provide a little insight to these questions. John McCain in Arizona John McCain stands alone as the candidate not to win…