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  • Random thoughts on the election

    Random thoughts on the election

    Yesterday I said I just wanted the election to be over. That was a lie. I wanted a certain result, a different result. I just couldn’t imagine this result. To help myself process, I jotted down a few random thoughts. The pollsters missed on Brexit and now this election. Are we in a post-poll world?…

  • A Message of Hope

    Funny how in a campaign where every Republican candidate is trying to be the second coming of Ronald “Morning in America” Reagan, it’s Barack Obama who inspires hope. …And not John McCain. Why aren’t Republicans the party of hope?

  • Republican Debate Recap

    Vodkapundit recaps the Republican debate. Saves me from having to watch it… Hat tip: Patterico’s Pontifications.

  • Another Presidential Debate

    The second Republican Presidential Debate is on. Life is good.

  • Did Someone Say al-Qaeda? Part II

    After the first Democratic Presidential Debate, the blogosphere made a big deal that the Democratic candidates mentioned al-Qaeda only twice during the entire debate. I joined in the fray. So how did the Republican candidates do in their first debate? I counted five times in the transcript plus moderator Chris Matthews’ one mention. Five times…

  • Republican Presidential Debate Transcript

    MSNBC provides a transcript of the Republican Presidential Debate in California on May 3, 2007. I’m waiting for an analysis on how many times the Republican candidates mentioned al Qaeda… Update: Here is the transcript in Word doc format.

  • Gaggle’s Debate Recap

    Gaggle’s Debate Recap

    Chris Matthews hosted the Republican Presidential Debates. Gaggle recaps the highlights. I’m looking forward to debates with fewer debaters. There wasn’t enough time for this many. I’d also entertain the idea of having a different moderator, but it’s not necessary. All the candidates had to deal with the same inane questions.

  • Where in the World is the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library?

    The Republican Presidential Debate took place at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

  • Republican Debate Tonight

    The Republican Debate is on tonight. Gotta remember to set my DVR.