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  • MSNBC Quotes

    At least MSNBC didn’t quote…

  • CBS’ Wallace Asks Romney: Premarital Sex?

    Oh, how I long for those simple days of yesteryear when the media asked presidential candidates classy questions like “boxers or briefs?” Somehow CBS’ Mike Wallace thought it acceptable to ask Mitt Romney whether he’d had premarital sex. Disgraceful! Hat tip: AllahPundit at Hot Air.

  • Gaggle’s Debate Recap

    Gaggle’s Debate Recap

    Chris Matthews hosted the Republican Presidential Debates. Gaggle recaps the highlights. I’m looking forward to debates with fewer debaters. There wasn’t enough time for this many. I’d also entertain the idea of having a different moderator, but it’s not necessary. All the candidates had to deal with the same inane questions.