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  • What did we learn new about Facebook?

    I’m feeling a little stupid right now. Maybe a little history is in order. We’ve known since 2014, back when Five Labs used our Facebook posts to analyze personality, that when we shared our data with an app on Facebook, the app’s publisher gets our friends’ data, too. It should have been obvious more than…

  • “Sick of Politics” is privilege in action

    I want my friends to understand that being “sick of politics” is privilege in action. Your privilege allows you to live a non-political existence. Your wealth, your race, your abilities or your gender allows you to live a life in which you likely will not be a target of bigotry, attacks, deportation, or genocide. You…

  • Disappointment in politics is normal

    Politics is a muddled activity in which people have to recognize restraints and settle for less than they want. Disappointment is normal. David Brooks

  • Lawrence Lessig: We the People, and the Republic We Must Reclaim

    Watch the video. Read the book. Understand how money corrupts our system of government. Learn how to be part of the solution.

  • Konstantin Kovshenin on Quality Writing

    I cry when I browse archives on my own blog. Konstantin Kovshenin Wow. Isn’t that the truth! When I see traffic to my how-to articles from years ago made long out of date by new, great WordPress features and better themes, I shake my head — and cry. :’-( This is one good reason to…

  • Politics on Facebook? No Thanks!

    Politics on Facebook? No Thanks!

    I just saw a scary prediction on Twitter. And it’s probably true: Presidential election 2012 will be about winning the Facebook news feed. Not my news feed. Facebook is like a party: people getting together, bragging, sharing, and telling jokes. It has the same social rules. Don’t be rude. Don’t get drunk and embarrass yourself.…

  • Impolite Company Is Alive

    My political blog, Impolite Company, is open for business. There’s not much there yet, but that soon will change. It’s been a while since I started a new WordPress blog. There’s a big difference between starting a basic blog and one that has those features and capabilities I consider necessary. Domain names, styles, comments, and…

  • Stop The Bailout

    I’m not an economist nor do I play one on TV. I offer no expert opinion on the credit crunch. All I know is what I see in congress. In times of true national crisis, congress puts aside party politics and does what’s right for the country. In times of crisis, congress is filled with…

  • House Votes Against Bailout

    I was curious to hear Nancy Pelosi’s speech, so here it is. The vote by party was: There’s enough blame (or credit) to go around. Let’s just hope those predicting dire consequences are wrong. Hat tip. Stephen Bainbridge.