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  • Hobby Lobby Minefields

    Hobby Lobby Minefields

    Personally, I’m thrilled with Hobby Lobby. If I can’t be forced to fund something incompatible with my “sincerely held religious beliefs,” then I don’t have to fund war and killing. Major decreases in my tax bill, baby! ;-)

  • Rabbi Jonathan Sacks on Understanding

    “There is a difference between righteousness and self-righteousness. The righteous are humble, the self-righteous are proud. The righteous understand doubt, the self-righteous only certainty. The righteous see the good in people, the self-righteous only the bad. The righteous leave you feeling enlarged, the self-righteous make you feel small. It is easy enough to befriend the…

  • Definition: A True Friend

    How many true friends do you have?

  • Seeker Services

    Todd at The Todd Blog asks about “seeker-sensitive” churches. Here’s my answer. Guitar Group My church has a guitar group. Over the last couple years or so, its focus has changed. Beginner focused. When we started the group, most of us were beginning guitar players. We spent a lot of time learning guitar basics: how…

  • The Evangelism Linebacker

    “It may appear unorthodox…” Hat tip: Think Christian.

  • Blogging the Koran: Sura 1, “The Opening”

    The next installment of Robert Spencer’s “Blogging the Qur’an,” “Sura 1, ‘The Opening,’” is available.

  • Blogging the Koran

    Robert Spencer’s post, “Blogging the Qur’an,” looks like the start of an interesting (and long) series. I’ll be reading…

  • Books: Building a Contagious Church

    I’ve been spending a lot of time doing a lot of different things; I’m not sure I’m finishing anything… I recently started the book, , by Chip Heath and Dan Heath. It’s a very good book about communicating ideas so people will remember them. I had expected to be done reading it by now. Instead,…

  • Jesus Is Just Alright With Me

    Another work week is done and another weekend is here. Time to celebrate! And speaking of celebrating, how about a “nontraditional” praise chorus. ;-) Does the fact that this song has relevance in my spiritual life say something about me? Not that I expect to see it for special music at church… I find it…