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  • Feeling the Need

    I had my third guitar lesson today. It reminded me of taking piano lessons, so many years ago, as I felt the need to explain why I hadn’t practiced this week. (And I’m feeling the urge now…)

  • I Pick Happiness

    I Pick Happiness

    This last Wednesday evening, Melissa and I got a metronome for her piano practicing. I also bought some more happiness. :-)

  • Sherman Plays a Tele

    Sherman’s Lagoon is one of my “don’t miss” comics: I read it every day. Now I have another reason to like it: Sherman plays a Tele. What chord is that? Guitar face, FTW!

  • Preparing to Keep New Year’s Resolutions

    Now that I have New Year’s Resolutions, I’m preparing to keep them. First on the list is making the list trackable. Thanks to Joe’s Goals, I have a simple, online (oops; there goes goal #1) site to record my progress. Less time online. Last week I had limited Internet access. My RSS feeder got backed…

  • New Year’s Resolutions

    I don’t normally make New Year’s resolutions. But as the management tip I read recently says, “How can you tell if your team’s failing if you don’t set any goals?” So, in that spirit, here goes. I resolve to: Spend less time online Learn Linux Spend more time with family Spend more time studying spiritual…

  • Seeker Services

    Todd at The Todd Blog asks about “seeker-sensitive” churches. Here’s my answer. Guitar Group My church has a guitar group. Over the last couple years or so, its focus has changed. Beginner focused. When we started the group, most of us were beginning guitar players. We spent a lot of time learning guitar basics: how…

  • The Emeraldcaster Project at TDPRI

    Buckocaster51 just started a thread at the TDPRI forum on building another Tele-style electric guitar. This time it will be double bound and sparkly green.

  • G.A.S. Attack

    Oh my! That PRS Mira is a pretty guitar. Sounds nice and versatile, too. I haven’t seen any pricing, yet. Here’s hoping that a non-carved top, no binding, no birds PRS isn’t too expensive… The Line 6 Pod X3 Live looks interesting, too. It’s priced another $100 over the Pod XT Live, but has a…

  • Life Goes On

    Life continues to intrude on my blogging time. My most recent discovery: I have limited ability to coordinate my feet and my hands. This comes as a shock to me after playing the piano for as long as I can remember. Somehow, I’ve been able to press and release the damper pedal at the musically…