Preparing to Keep New Year’s Resolutions

Now that I have New Year’s Resolutions, I’m preparing to keep them. First on the list is making the list trackable. Thanks to Joe’s Goals, I have a simple, online (oops; there goes goal #1) site to record my progress.

Less time online. Last week I had limited Internet access. My RSS feeder got backed up. Rather than attempt to read all the posts I missed, I deleted each feed that made me groan in the slightest. Blogs that post 20+ times a day? Gone! Saved me time today and every day from now on. I will continue to consolidate my political feeds. They seem to be the worst offenders.

Learn Linux. Putting the Asus Eee PC on my Christmas list (and actually getting it :)) is preparation enough.

Practice guitar more. I am organizing my guitar books, amp, pedal, etc., to eliminate the setup time. Now, I can just pick up the guitar and play/practice. The Crossroads DVD I got for Christmas is inspiration to continue practicing.

Exercise more, drink less caffeine, drink more water. The key here is in the writing of the resolution. Note the “more” and “less.” Success in these is virtually guaranteed. ;)

Well, that’s it for now. Gonna get offline and go practice the guitar.

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2 responses to “Preparing to Keep New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. Art King Avatar
    Art King

    I’m excited to hear that you got an Eee PC! I’ve been drooling over the specs and reading about them for months. What are your impressions?

    Also, I thought a good way to “test drive” one of the Eee PC’s would be to download and run a virtual machine of the Eee PC configured OS. I assumed I could find one, but I’ve googled around and have not located such a thing. There are lots of downloadable Linux virtual PC’s out there that will run under Microsoft Virtual PC or VM Ware, but I can’t find one of this machine. Have you seen anything like this?

    Cheers; Art

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    Art, I’ll have to bring my toys to church so you can play with them too. I like the Eee. I’m now using it as my primary computer at home to cruise the web, etc. instead of my work computer. The screen is a little small (though I hear a new version with a larger screen will be out soon) and the keyboard is small (but I’m getting much more accurate with my typing).

    I haven’t seen a virtual Eee. I’ll let you know if I find one.