Life Goes On

Jamison playing his new electronic drums Life continues to intrude on my blogging time. My most recent discovery: I have limited ability to coordinate my feet and my hands. This comes as a shock to me after playing the piano for as long as I can remember. Somehow, I’ve been able to press and release the damper pedal at the musically right time. Apparently, timing has not been that critical. Even driving a standard transmission has done little to develop regular timing coordination between my hands and feet.

This realization became obvious to me while trying to play Jamison’s new electronic drum set. Pounding away in general mayhem is easy, fun, and satisfying — for a short while. Anything more rhythmically useful, and thus orderly, is beyond my current abilities.

Like learning guitar, I expect learning drums to be a slow process. Fortunately, with electronic drums, the rest of the family will hear only thwapity, thwapity, thwap and some occasional groans while I attempt to keep time with the onboard metronome shouting, “one, two, three, four” in my headphones. Accompanying actual music will have to wait a while.

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