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  • My Samsung dryer now spins

    My Samsung dryer now spins

    A couple of days ago my dryer quit working. Thanks to the innerwebs, I was able to debug the issue and get a replacement part on order. Today, the part arrived. Because my laundry room is so shallow, I had to get behind the dryer, then pull the bottom toward me and tilt the top…

  • My Samsung dryer doesn’t spin

    My Samsung dryer doesn’t spin

    My dryer just quit working tonight. Its drum doesn’t spin. So, off to YouTube I went for repair advice. I immediately found a couple of helpful videos. Samsung Dryer Won’t Start or Spin – Troubleshooting and Repair Guide. From this, I determined that the belt was loose, but not broken, so it’s likely an idler…

  • That blows!

    That blows!

    Doing some work on our furnace, I had the opportunity to take a picture of the blower. And, thanks to this work, I now have a much better understanding of the sensors, switches, blowers, and valves, and how they all interact. So cool! I’m looking forward to spring when I get to do the same…

  • The joys of ownership

    The internet delivers on maintenance advice.

  • Old man’s fancy

    Old man’s fancy

    In the fall an old man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of debugging HVAC systems. Unfortunately, not only in the fall. Now it’s the heating portion. A few Augusts ago, it was the cooling portion. The resources I found then will come in handy.

  • Longboard Footstop in OpenSCAD

    Longboard Footstop in OpenSCAD

    My local library, the Hillsboro public library, has 3D printing open labs — every Monday evening for a couple of hours, the library accepts .stl files on thumb drives and prints them for free over the next week. This is such a cool resource, it seems irresponsible not to take advantage of it. For my…

  • The Definitive Slide Gloves Thread

    The Definitive Slide Gloves Thread

    The Definitive Slide Gloves Thread. Good information that I’m going to want later. Now, where’s a legal source of road reflectors? ;-)

  • DIY Panniers

    I love panniers. I just don’t like spending $100+ for a pair of ’em. When Jamie showed up at Starbucks with a DIY pannier on his bike, I knew I had to do some research. Here’s what I found: From Kitty Litter to Luggage in 30 minutes. It doesn’t get any more basic than this.…

  • DIY Portable Bike Repair Stand

    DIY Portable Bike Repair Stand. Oh, this DIY portable bike repair stand looks pretty good, too. I like how the bike can be rotated about and clamped into position. The folding tripod’s just a bonus.