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  • The Washington Post recommends books for every age

    “Here are our picks for worthwhile books to read during each year of life, from 1 to 100, along with some of the age-appropriate wisdom they impart.” Books for the ages This looks like a good list. I’ve read only nine of them … so far. How many have you read? Do you have any…

  • 6 Books I’d Recommend

    6 Books I’d Recommend. Your summer reading list, courtesy of Bill Gates.

  • Agile and Lean Development Conference Resources 2014

    This week I attended the annual Intel Agile and Lean Development Conference. This is the third time I have attended, and IMHO, it was the best by far. The conference was better arranged, having a basic day, an advanced day, and a day of keynotes with industry experts. For the first time, Intel invited members…

  • The Books I Read in 2013

    I have tracked (most of) the books I read for a while now. This year was no exception. (Though I did quit tracking during the middle of this year…) Finished Books These are some of the books I finished reading in 2013. 19 I read by Clive Cussler and Dirk Cussler. I’ve read Clive Cussler…

  • Agile and Lean Development Conference Bookshelf

    Intel held its annual Agile and Lean Development Conference earlier this week. I and many in my team attended. Most of us attended last year, but we pulled in a couple more this year. We’re excited about the changes we’ll make re how we get stuff done. Here are a few of the books and…

  • How to Read 31 Books in Four Minutes

    How to Read 31 Books in Four Minutes. “Some lessons culled from a cross-section of America’s self-help oeuvre.” I wonder how accurate some of these summaries are… Hat tip: Dave Pell’s Next Draft daily email.

  • Seth Godin’s Favorite Business Books

    Seth Godin’s Favorite Business Books. A good, short list on Goodreads.

  • The Books I Read in 2012

    I have a tradition of tracking the books I read. I also track the books I’m currently reading and books that I’ve discovered throughout the year that I’d like to read. This year I read a lot of novels. I also experimented with graphic novels and manga. I found one graphic novel that I absolutely…

  • AgilePalooza Reading List

    It’s Friday the 13th — what better way to spend it than attending AgilePalooza? I added to my reading list today. Michael Tardiff of SolutionsIQ gave me his business card with by Laurie Williams and Robert Kessler written on the back. Oh, and a comment like, “Very illuminating.” One more book for my to-read list.…