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  • Where in the World is Loch Ness?

    Gordon Holmes claims to have captured video of the Loch Ness Monster. According to Wikipedia: Loch Ness (Scottish Gaelic: Loch Nis) is a large, deep freshwater loch in the Scottish Highlands (57’18″N, 4’27″W) extending for approximately 37 km (23 miles) southwest of Inverness. The Loch’s surface is 15.8 metres (52 feet) above sea level. Loch…

  • Where in the World is the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library?

    The Republican Presidential Debate took place at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

  • Where in the World is Thermopylae?

    After watching the movie “300,” I had to know: where did the Battle of Thermopylae take place? Now you know.

  • Donald Rumsfeld Reads

    Except for my wife and family, that is my favourite photo. Rumsfeld When Don has questions, like, Where in the World is North Korea?, he turns to for answers. Otherwise, what could explain this? Mr Rumsfeld showed the picture to illustrate how backward the northern regime really is — and how oppressed its people…

  • Where in the World is Mount Mantap? (Part 2)

    Oops! I found the wrong location for Mount Mantap. :-( See Update 2 at the bottom of the page for the correct location. Yesterday, I asked Where in the World is Mount Mantap? Today, thanks to, we know: Mount Mantap is approximately 17 Km North-Northwest from P’unggye-yok, a rail-road station, Kilju County, North Hamgyeong…

  • Where in the World is North Korea?

    Where in the World is North Korea?

    North Korea disappears at night. South Korea appears to be an island, disconnected from the Asian continent with North Korea appearing virtually as dark as the sea. I was going to claim this was the result of the North Korean government’s policies and their resulting extreme poverty, but fortunately, I found this first: 17. I…

  • Where in the World is Mount Mantap?

    Mount Mantap is in the news: North Korea has constructed an underground tunnel for possible use in a nuclear weapons test, a Grand National Party lawmaker with close ties to the intelligence community said [September 21, 2006]. Chung Hyung-keun cited sources in the National Intelligence Service for his claim. He said a shaft 700 meters…

  • West Nickel Mines Amish School

    Yesterday, 32-year-old Charles Carl Roberts IV killed five schoolgirls and then himself at the West Nickel Mines Amish School. It seems strangely appropriate that Google maps does not have a high-resolution satellite view of the Amish school. Update. The school building is gone. The Amish kept no monument to the terrible evil that occurred that…

  • North Korea’s Musudan-ri Missile Facility

    According to multiple news reports, North Korea is threatening to launch a Taepodong 2-type intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) from its Musudan-ri missile facility. has multiple satellite pictures and maps showing the facility. Thanks to Google Maps, you can be a satellite tourist, too. <rant>I don’t understand why Internet news reports don’t include these links.</rant>