Where in the World is North Korea?

North Korea disappears at night. South Korea appears to be an island, disconnected from the Asian continent with North Korea appearing virtually as dark as the sea. I was going to claim this was the result of the North Korean government’s policies and their resulting extreme poverty, but fortunately, I found this first:

17. I hear that North Koreans are very poor. Is this true?
By international standards, DPRK citizens enjoy a very high standard of living. In Socialist Korea, the state guarantees all citizens the right to quality healthcare, education, stipends for the disabled, retirement pensions and access to recreational facilities, as well as a wide array of other state-supported services. Indeed, DPRK citizens are guaranteed many provisions that are uncommon in many developed capitalist societies, which are home to real poverty. Unlike in many countries of the capitalist world, the DPRK is a state free of homelessness, unemployment, prostitution and starvation. (Source)

Thanks, DPRK FAQ! How soon will the KFA shop offer signed photographs of Leader Kim Jong IL? ;-) /sarcasm

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  1. John Avatar


    North Korea does not provide enough food rations and education to the people. The state of the welfare is going towards the military as well as guarding the China-North Korea border and 38th Parallel. In fact, all the homes in North Korea have an audio wired into the home and every morning at 6am, the military awakens the family.

    North Korea has failed in giving people land, food, water, basic supplies, medical care etc. If the statement above me is true about North Korea giving everything to the people, that means famine and starvation would not occur; it would also be true that everyone will be fed three meals.

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    It’s amazing how poorly sarcasm translates across the web, at least when I try it. My bad.

  3. Todd Avatar

    I busted up laughing when I read your entry…

    I cannot believe the DPRK FAQ site is for real! It looks like a bad joke on theonion.

    Unfortunately, I think the site is real. The top of the line hosting facility that hosts the site probably accounts for that tiny dot in the middle of the ocean.

    No wait…korea-dpr.com is hosted in Spain!

  4. Joe Sixpack Avatar
    Joe Sixpack

    it's ok Brent, I got your humor XD

  5. mike Avatar

    No, it is not your humour. look for yourself and see that in North Korea it is dark even when the other countries are shiny. like the guy upstairs said North Korea cannot have good living standards if it has no lights. look at Japan. it is so shiny. why? because there is a lot of electricity being used. who can say that North Korea has a high standard of living? they cannot it is not true

  6. ImNkoreaAndAmMoron. Avatar

    Probably they using night vision during the night to work on nuclear since they think we cant see them during night?
    Or say Light out at 8pm? Bedtime?
    Or Save money on electricity if not necessary?
    Or they think its too much electricity to cause cancer?
    Or there’s alot pervent into their own bed that they dont want people to see them. hah

  7. hashpotato Avatar

    The DRNK is a dark place in every respect. As I type this, there are tens of thousands of political prisoners and their families rotting in isolated gulags around the country. (camp 22 is a particularly special place, the gov still claims these camps don’t exist.)
    The people there are completely cut off from the outside world, the only thing they are fed daily is propaganda.

  8. Brent Logan Avatar

    DRNK is welcome to deny, but satellite technology not only enables stupid posts like this one, but more serious investigations, like One Free Korea does.

  9. shmonal Avatar

    You people should read a book or 2!

    There is no electricity at night time because the imperialistic pr*ck that runs the country turns it off under the excuse that they can’t afford the electricity.

  10. mike Avatar

    wrong again you Logan Brent. DRNK cannot deny the truth, not in its heart. your experience is in absence. you are young, your haircut is long and together you have more to learn. please understand that One Free Korea is not real – there is no free Korea in north OR south. this is not possible until both sides have united again as before. nobody can come in the way of this, if Chinese, Russian, Japanese, or you handsome American. in the end both sides will be together. this is indisputable.

    Logan one day you will discover this thing and think about how one old man told you to think about your deny of the truth. yes, this is the truth you will see it

    please do not anger, i do not want to angry make, but to open eyes. please keep eyes open and do not let others make your decision. still you are young and handsome American. but not even you can deny such facts

  11. Clay Avatar

    I can’t believe there are people who think that FAQ is real. There’s been a famine in North Korea for about 20 years. People are starving to death because Kim spends all their money on his military. They don’t have fuel to run the generators at night. If he did decide to declare war on somebody I’d bet his soldiers would give up their arms for something to eat. It reminds me of Saddam’s infamous Red Army. The didn’t have enough white cloth to make flags out of :)

  12. mike Avatar

    Clay please do not wish war on North Korea. with all its military power it seems mighty compared to other countries. but do not be fooled.

    the reason of its power is because the regime takes money from food and spend it on military. imagine how much better the life would be if the money was really spent on the food and clothes and shelter. not even luxury item – simply for living like a human.

    think Clay you are wise. war is not the answer believe me i can be proof for this.

  13. daniel Avatar

    miss use of the word imperialist.
    you should go with D***head
    and dont call me racist for saying that
    i just think the leader of the DPRK is a complete idiot

  14. Brent Logan Avatar

    Extra points for internal rhyming with the name calling, but I’m not going to approve any more comments that are predominantly name calling.


  15. bill Avatar

    It's obvious from that photo that North Korea is simply going green.

  16. Brent Logan Avatar

    Bill, you and Reuters think alike:

    There are no private cars in North Korea and countless factory chimneys have not belched smoke in years, but state media said on Tuesday scientists were inventing new ways to cut air pollution and protect the environment. (Source.)