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Tag: queen anne’s lace

  • Photo ride

    Photo ride

    After work, my bike was calling my name. As it was too late for caffeine, I headed off to my friends: the wheat field and the power pole. One of the advantages of touring around on a bike is how easy it is to jump off and take a couple of pictures. For once, the…

  • Queen Anne’s Sunset

    Queen Anne’s Sunset

    Last night, I biked to the Hillsboro airport to watch the sunset. Thanks to low clouds, the sunset was over before it started, but still made a nice backdrop for some Queen Anne’s lace.

  • Weekend Snaps

    Weekend Snaps

    Saturday evening, I went on a bike ride to end the day. On the way back, I stopped at some favorite spots to take some pictures.

  • Bike Detours

    Bike Detours

    I like riding a bike because it’s so easy to take a quick detour. I can take a picture or two, enjoy a chilly beverage, pick handfuls of blackberries growing along the path, or just notice the view. I did all today. May your detours be as enjoyable as mine. :-)