Photo ride

After work, my bike was calling my name. As it was too late for caffeine, I headed off to my friends: the wheat field and the power pole.

One of the advantages of touring around on a bike is how easy it is to jump off and take a couple of pictures.

Queen Anne's lace

For once, the wind seemed to be at my back most of the time, well, except for one section. No worries. I geared down and enjoyed the scenery. After all, my bike isn’t built for speed, but comfort. With its upright seating, it’s more of an “enjoy the scenery” sort of ride.

Queen Anne's lace animation

I hope you’re enjoying your summer evenings, too!

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2 responses to “Photo ride”

  1. Karen Lawson Avatar
    Karen Lawson

    Love the pictures, especially the wheat field!

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    Thanks, Karen! It’s been fun watching this wheat field. I expect pretty soon it will be harvested.