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  • Self-isolation, day 5

    Self-isolation, day 5

    Today started cold and frosty. During Gilligan’s constitutional, we paused to appreciate the crunching grass. Because of self-isolation, I skipped Starbucks and headed into the spare bedroom to work. By noon, the weather had warmed up so a solo walk through the neighborhood seemed like a good idea. Thanks to COVID-19, work had scheduled a…

  • Sunset over Walla Walla

    Sunset over Walla Walla

    A sunset in Dixie is a good excuse to take a few more pictures. Quite a few, in fact. Here are the few I like most.

  • Weekend Snaps

    Weekend Snaps

    Saturday evening, I went on a bike ride to end the day. On the way back, I stopped at some favorite spots to take some pictures.

  • Dixie Sunset

    Dixie Sunset