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  • Self-isolation, day 5

    Self-isolation, day 5

    Today started cold and frosty. During Gilligan’s constitutional, we paused to appreciate the crunching grass. Because of self-isolation, I skipped Starbucks and headed into the spare bedroom to work. By noon, the weather had warmed up so a solo walk through the neighborhood seemed like a good idea. Thanks to COVID-19, work had scheduled a…

  • WFH w/ my associate

    WFH w/ my associate

    Today’s a work from home day. I expect to have lots of help from my associate, Gilligan.

  • Week in Review – WW26’10

    Day by Day Sunday. Happy Fathers’ Day! Rather than sleeping in, we decided to go out to IHOP for breakfast. Dane joined us for the fun and we all ate too much. As the weather starts to warm, Meisa has started shedding. Rather than sending her to the groomers, we decided to DIY. After brushing,…

  • Definition: Productivity Theater

    Productivity Theater: Activities that provide the appearance of productivity while actually producing little or nothing. Commonly abbreviated as WFH.