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  • Afternoon at the nursery

    Afternoon at the nursery

    This last Sunday, Ashley invited us over to see Sebastian and visit her favorite nursery. While Suzi and Ashley picked plants to buy, I wandered with my camera, finding flowers to capture.

  • Flowers


    A trip to the Rose Garden and a nursery with a mirrorless camera. Clearly, even f/2 is too wide an aperture for some of these shots. More experimentation is needed. ;-)

  • Cherry Blossoms

    Cherry Blossoms

    Patrolling the yard for Gilligan’s bombs, I had to stop to take some pictures.

  • My favorite photos of 2018

    My favorite photos of 2018

    According to my yearly practice, here are a few of my favorite pictures I posted here over the past year. A couple of these actually have people in them. Sadly, I took only one of these in the second half of the year, and that was July 4th. Cannon Beach accounts for 40% of these.…

  • Daffodils


    Daffodils in Circle Park.

  • Bloom here

    Bloom here

    Walking to meet Suzi after work so we can walk back home together, I passed these flowers blooming in a crack in the sidewalk. After all, what’s the alternative?

  • White Patch

    White Patch

    Along my regular lunchtime longboard push, there’s this house with a patch of white flowers.

  • Photo Walk

    Photo Walk

    Driving by the airport, I noticed daisies growing on the bank across the street. I parked at the nearest spot and walked back, taking pictures along the way. I met up with Ashley and Mousse. We walked through Orenco Station, then back to Dawson Creek where I took a picture of my favorite grove of…

  • Dawson Creek flowers

    Dawson Creek flowers

    Biking through Dawson Creek park on the way home this evening, I noticed little white flowers all over the place. I hadn’t noticed them before.