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  • East Lake Family Vacation

    East Lake Family Vacation

    This past weekend, for the third summer in the row, we all visited East Lake. Thanks to Kristi and Troy, we had an abundance of kayaks, a canoe, and a “relaxation station” to play with. Matt and Erica brought another canoe and a stand-up paddleboard. We all brought our swimsuits and sunscreen, though many didn’t…

  • Family Day Trip to Arches National Park

    Family Day Trip to Arches National Park

    A trip to Utah resulted in a day trip to Arches National Park. This is a quick summary of our short visit. I added to my Roadside Geology book library as we entered the park. Then, after only one and a half trips through the lot, we lucked out finding parking at Wolfe Ranch and…

  • Our Last Day in Cannon Beach

    Our Last Day in Cannon Beach

    Today was our last day at Cannon Beach, at least for this trip. When we awoke, the day was gray, but there were more people walking the beach than yesterday when it was beautiful. We ate breakfast, cleaned up, packed up, and then took some group shots. The jump shots of just the kids worked…

  • Happy Leap Day!

    Happy Leap Day!

    Thanks to The Photography Post for the idea.

  • Ashley

    Ashley <3 Leaves

    Ashley <3 fall colors. Ashley <3 pictures. Ashley <3 throwing leaves. Ashley <3 pictures of her jumping. I <3 Ashley. I <3 taking pictures. I <3 taking pictures of Ashley. I <3 making animated GIFs. I bet we both <3 this. :-)