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  • East Lake Family Vacation

    East Lake Family Vacation

    This past weekend, for the third summer in the row, we all1I think we ended up with 20 of us — and 3 dogs! visited East Lake. Thanks to Kristi and Troy, we had an abundance of kayaks, a canoe, and a “relaxation station” to play with. Matt and Erica brought another canoe and a stand-up paddleboard. We all brought our swimsuits and sunscreen, though many didn’t use the latter enough.

    Miska, Gilly, and Mousse enjoyed playing fetch and swimming in the water. Unfortunately, the beach was tough on their paws. We’re going to need to find a solution for that next time. Does anyone have a positive experience using dog booties?2If you haven’t done so, you must search for dog booties videos on the internet. High-stepping fun!

    Some went to the obsidian flow nearby and everyone went to Paulina Falls. Every evening, we went to the beach to watch the sunset. The Whitewater Fire near Jefferson made a smokey sunset our first night, but slight winds from the east cleared up the rest of the weekend. The final night, the sunset was so intense that none of you will believe I didn’t edit the photo.

    Of course, it was a great opportunity for a jump shot. The photo was a happy accident created by my holding down the shutter on my smartphone while others snapped away with their DSLs. One of my shots coincided with someone else’s flash and everyone in the air. Of course, that called for an animated gif. Heather and Gilly posing mandated another. ;-)

    Lots of family, a few dogs, and hot weather made for a fun time. I wonder — will next year make four?

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      I think we ended up with 20 of us — and 3 dogs!
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      If you haven’t done so, you must search for dog booties videos on the internet. High-stepping fun!
  • East Lake Camping

    East Lake Camping

    This last weekend, we camped at East Lake. Better yet, we stayed in cabins. Mousse and Gilligan came too, along with bunches of cousins and their families.

    We boated and kayaked and visited the obsidian flow. Jamison and I took pictures.1Well, the others took pictures, too, but theirs tended to include people. After sunset, we experimented with 30-second exposures of the lake.

    The weather was wonderful2Not as wet as last year’s expedition to East Lake. if a little windy. We’ve already made plans for next year’s adventure.

  • Summer Camping Trip

    Summer Camping Trip

    This last weekend, we went camping in central Oregon, a little south of Bend and Sunriver, but close enough to both to visit. Jamison and I took the opportunity to visit The Longboard Store near the Old Mill District in Bend. We also rented bikes and kayaks in Sunriver and a pontoon boat at East Lake.

    An advantage of renting is being able to try something different. I chose an Electra Townie balloon 3i. This bike is less efficient than the city bike I got for Fathers’ Day a couple of years ago: only three speeds and the pedals are way out front. But wow, is it a lot of fun on relatively slow and flat rides! Can you ever have too many bikes? ;-)

    East Lake ended up being an exciting place to boat, maybe a little too exciting. After leaving the dock, we watched fish on the depth finder while we made our lunch. Then we motored around and explored deeper parts of the lake. Soon, Jamison announced that he heard thunder. I didn’t. A few minutes later, he repeated his announcement. I still didn’t. South of the lake, we could see sheets of rain. So we started heading back where we had started from. Soon, we saw rain in between us and our destination. Checking out the rain to the south of us, we saw a huge lightning strike on the mountain followed shortly by thunder. Okay, I heard that one. Not wanting to be the tallest point on the lake for long, we headed back to the dock. We grabbed most of our stuff and then sat in our cars, watching the rain on the lake.

    Once again, we celebrated Heather’s birthday away from home — happy birthday, Heather!



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