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  • Summer Camping Trip

    Summer Camping Trip

    This last weekend, we went camping in central Oregon, a little south of Bend and Sunriver, but close enough to both to visit. Jamison and I took the opportunity to visit The Longboard Store near the Old Mill District in Bend. We also rented bikes and kayaks in Sunriver and a pontoon boat at East Lake.

    An advantage of renting is being able to try something different. I chose an Electra Townie balloon 3i. This bike is less efficient than the city bike I got for Fathers’ Day a couple of years ago: only three speeds and the pedals are way out front. But wow, is it a lot of fun on relatively slow and flat rides! Can you ever have too many bikes? ;-)

    East Lake ended up being an exciting place to boat, maybe a little too exciting. After leaving the dock, we watched fish on the depth finder while we made our lunch. Then we motored around and explored deeper parts of the lake. Soon, Jamison announced that he heard thunder. I didn’t. A few minutes later, he repeated his announcement. I still didn’t. South of the lake, we could see sheets of rain. So we started heading back where we had started from. Soon, we saw rain in between us and our destination. Checking out the rain to the south of us, we saw a huge lightning strike on the mountain followed shortly by thunder. Okay, I heard that one. Not wanting to be the tallest point on the lake for long, we headed back to the dock. We grabbed most of our stuff and then sat in our cars, watching the rain on the lake.

    Once again, we celebrated Heather’s birthday away from home — happy birthday, Heather!

  • Backyard Campout

    Backyard Campout

    Jamison decided a backyard campout would be fun. He went with the “full meal deal,” including a fire in the fire pit, s’mores, and a sleepover in the tent.

    Meisa made sure all wild animals were kept at bay.

    I even remembered to turn off the automatic sprinklers. That would have been a little too exciting at 6:00 in the morning. :-D

  • Jackson School Camping

    Jackson School Camping

    Jamison and his 6th-grade classmates had their end-of-the-year camping and service day at Jackson School today. The students set up tents on the playground and “camped out” between doing service projects on campus. The weather cooperated, as usual, sending a light drizzle during pitching. It felt just like regular camping.

    Suzi collected the orders and we delivered Starbucks to a few very deserving teachers.

  • Mt. Rainier Camping Trip

    Mt. Rainier Camping Trip

    This last weekend, we took a brief family camping vacation to Mt. Rainier. This is the first we’ve been to Mt. Rainier National Park even though we’ve lived in the Great Northwet (yup) since ’87. We’re already planning our next trip to the mountain. In fact, we think it might be fun to backpack (part of?) the Wonderland Trail during my next sabbatical.

    Explore the map and photos to see a little of what we did.

  • Sand Dunes

    Sand Dunes

    Sand dunes come in all sizes. So do
    People, and it takes a big man to
    Roll down a sand dune.

    Earlier this week, my mother handed me this black and white 8X10 picture glued to a faded piece of tan construction paper. I believe my oldest brother was the photographer. She found the picture in just the past week or two while cleaning the utility room in preparation for remodeling. I was visiting while on a business trip. On its back is the caption copied above.

    Many years ago, when my oldest brothers were in high school, my family used to take our church’s youth group camping near Fort Bragg, Calif. At the time, I was probably 5 or 6 years old.

    Between the campsite and the ocean was a large expanse of sand dunes. Away from the ocean, closer to the campsite and the groves of eucalyptus trees, the dunes were tall, steep, and crested — perfect for running, launching into space, and landing as far down the dune’s face as possible. We learned to flip in mid air, sometimes not quite making it back to vertical before landing. We’d also somersault down the dunes in a tight tuck, competing for the most revolutions before reaching the bottom. And of course, there was always the traditional, sideways roll down the dunes like they were grassy slopes.

    I believe my mother would find sand in my ears for at least a week after our return.



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