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  • I’m Moving My Blog’s Email Subscriptions To MailChimp

    To improve the quality of my email subscription service, I’m now using MailChimp. Those of you who have already subscribed to my daily blog updates should not notice a difference, other than getting the emails more reliably. It seems that emails might not have been sent for over a week. If you didn’t get any, […]

  • “We’re Done Now. Shut Up and Go Away”

    I got an email from my legislative representative — at its bottom was the notice: Please note that any reply to this email address will be sent to an unmonitored email address. To contact me, please visit the contact page on my website. Instead of clicking “reply” and typing “Thanks for your support!” he wants […]

  • Facebook Should Not Ask For Your E-mail Password

    Facebook wants my e-mail password. Really?! I can’t believe Facebook believes this is okay. You should never provide your e-mail password to anyone and especially not a social media site. Your email account is your identity. Once someone has access to it, they can use your e-mail account to retrieve all your other passwords. Talk […]

  • Quote of the Day — Lifehack.org

    The speed that you reply to an email directly determines your correspondent’s perception of what is normal. (Source.)

  • Making an Empty Inbox

    For eight straight weeks, my inbox was empty. At least, it might as well have been; I wasn’t checking it. I was on sabbatical. Having been back from sabbatical a few weeks, I’m watching my inbox get clogged with those difficult to answer e-mails, those large tasks, and just some plain junk. Inbox Zero is […]

  • Back to Work; Sabbatical is Over

    Back to Work; Sabbatical is Over

    Having cast off for sabbatical eight weeks ago, today was time to plug back into the docking station. Alpha mail. Thankfully, only 500 e-mails were waiting in my inbox and most could be discarded without reading more than the subject line. After accepting a few meeting requests and placing a few phone calls to ensure […]

  • Sabbatical Plans

    My sabbatical starts when today ends. Wow! I still have too much to do or delegate… I read recently about the concept of e-mail bankruptcy (thanks Josh for helping me find that link). Although it sounds tempting, I will process my e-mail inbox before sabbatical starts. Do or delegate is the plan. My family and […]