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  • Dear SEO Experts

    I doubt this will work, but the effort required to edit header.php was small.[mnf]I guess this assumes that I don’t minify my HTML, too.[/mfn]

  • Don’t Reward What You Don’t Want

    Oh, the joys of getting old(er). I just received a sales call for an “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” system. Instead of being forthright, the caller was “just confirming delivery of the system.” When I tried to say I wasn’t interested, she talked over me, following her script. I’m not sure what bothers…

  • Roger Ebert: The Boulder Pledge

    Under no circumstances will I ever purchase anything offered to me as the result of an unsolicited e-mail message. Nor will I forward chain letters, petitions, mass mailings, or virus warnings to large numbers of others. This is my contribution to the survival of the online community. Roger Ebert Hat tip: Steve Kohler.

  • “We’re Done Now. Shut Up and Go Away”

    I got an email from my legislative representative — at its bottom was the notice: Please note that any reply to this email address will be sent to an unmonitored email address. To contact me, please visit the contact page on my website. Instead of clicking “reply” and typing “Thanks for your support!” he wants…

  • Twitter Spam

    Spam is hitting Twitter. Correction: spam is hitting Twitter users. Spammers know they get one chance to spam: Twitter sends an e-mail to each person that a spammer follows, inviting them to check out the spammer’s profile. The spammer’s profile likely has a single tweet containing a single spam link. Spammers set up multiple Twitter…

  • Captcha Madness

    I tried to leave a comment on a blog but was challenged with the following captcha: I defy you to tell me what those letters are. Oh, and the blog went commentless…

  • 100,000 Spam Comments/Trackbacks

    Yesterday, received its 100,000th spam comment or trackback. Thanks to the combination of Akismet and Spam Karma 2, I don’t have to deal with very many of them. Life is good. ;-)

  • Stupid Spam

    Received this in my inbox today: Good day Blogan!! A Genuine Univers1ty Degree 1n 4-6 weeks! Have you ever thought that the only thing stopping you from a great job and better pay was a efw letters behind you name? Well now you can get them! BA BSc MA MSc MBA PhD Within 4-6 weesk!…

  • I’m fighting comment spam

    The past couple of days, I’ve been getting deluged with comment spam. Fortunately, WordPress prevents virtually all of it from showing up where anyone can see it but me. That’s still unacceptable. I’m getting ready to have my blog automatically trash any comment that mentions “poker” or a pain medication other than aspirin. You have…