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  • Hello Mastodon

    With my “favorite” billionaire doing his best to destroy Twitter, it seemed like a good time to try an alternative. I’m now Give me a follow. I might even post something. Hope to see you there! Update: I’ve already moved Mastodon servers, from to I updated the link above to my new…

  • Free “Star Naming” is ending

    Many years ago, I noted that you could name a star and get the name recorded in the Library of Congress for free — with just a tweet. This is possible because every single tweet is currently being recorded in the Library of Congress. The Library of Congress has announced starting January 1, 2018, it…

  • Luis Suarez’ Twitter Unfollowing Experiment

    “What if Twitter decided to drop off the count of both followers and following? Would you still make use of it, like you are doing today? Imagine if Twitter decided get rid of that vanity metric, so that we would focus more on the conversations themselves, i.e. on topics, hashtags, events, etc., etc., do you…

  • Reid Wiseman on Twitter

    Reid Wiseman on Twitter

    Reid Wiseman is posting some amazing pictures on Twitter — a recommended follow. He posted this cloud-free image of the northwest just this morning. Image credit: Reid Wiseman, NASA astronaut.

  • Retweeted By The Instapundit

    Retweeted By The Instapundit

    Ha! Retweeted by the Instapundit. My Twitter life is now complete.

  • Fake Followers on Twitter

    Fake Followers on Twitter

    According to StatusPeople, I have “only” 3% fake followers on Twitter. That sounds like a lot to me (who are they?), but it’s nothing compared to Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber. How many fake followers do you have? Find out here.

  • My New Christmas Profile Picture

    My New Christmas Profile Picture

    Ho! Ho! Ho!

  • A Zippy Blog

    You might have noticed is a little zippier. A few things have changed recently: My web hosting service moved my site to a new, faster, shared server. Thanks, WebHostingBuzz! This is what inspired me to make more changes. I combined my print CSS into my regular CSS file. One less file to download. I…

  • Unfollow Friday

    Twitter got too noisy for me. Today I pulled out the machete and started hacking. I unfollowed: The “meta-tweeters” who tweet only about tweeting and how to get more followers Those who I’d followed only because they’d followed me first Those who tweeted about things that used to interest me, but not anymore The companies…