Stupid Spam

Received this in my inbox today:

Good day Blogan!!

A Genuine Univers1ty Degree 1n 4-6 weeks!

Have you ever thought that the only thing stopping you from a great job and better pay was a efw letters behind you name?
Well now you can get them!


Within 4-6 weesk!
No Study Required!
100% Verifiable!

These are real, genuine degrees that include Bachelors, Masters, MBA and Doctorate eDgrees. They are fully verifiable and certified transcripts are also available.

Just call the number below.
You?llt hank me later?

Just what I needed: an MBA “eDgree.” I wonder if the certified transcripts come complete with typos.

Seriously, who wants a diploma, even one that’s “fully verifiable” from an organization that can’t spell?