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  • CAPTCHA: Just to prove you are a mathematician

    I’ve ranted before about impossible CAPTCHAs. This one takes the cake pi. It’s gotta be a joke, and a good one a that. :-D Hat tip: Baekdal.

  • Please, Don’t Use Captcha

    Please, Don’t Use Captcha

    Please, don’t use Captcha. The traffic you save could be your own. Update. Unfortunately xtranormal is no more…

  • Twitter Spam

    Spam is hitting Twitter. Correction: spam is hitting Twitter users. Spammers know they get one chance to spam: Twitter sends an e-mail to each person that a spammer follows, inviting them to check out the spammer’s profile. The spammer’s profile likely has a single tweet containing a single spam link. Spammers set up multiple Twitter…

  • Captcha Madness

    I tried to leave a comment on a blog but was challenged with the following captcha: I defy you to tell me what those letters are. Oh, and the blog went commentless…