CAPTCHA: Just to prove you are a mathematician

I’ve ranted before about impossible CAPTCHAs. This one takes the cake pi.

It’s gotta be a joke, and a good one a that. :-D

Hat tip: Baekdal.

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2 responses to “CAPTCHA: Just to prove you are a mathematician”

  1. Roy W. Gardner Avatar
    Roy W. Gardner

    That’s like the billboards some years ago telling you to go to *.com, where * = the first 10 consecutive digits of e that were prime. That webpage gave you another math problem, and if you solved it you were invited to submit your resume to Google Labs.

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    NPR has a 2004 story on Google’s billboard.

    There have been bus stop benches here in the Portland area advertising education with equations on them, but I think they’re designed to look hard rather than be something readily solvable to a simple number.