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Tag: sabbatical

  • Woo hoo!

    Woo hoo! I’m now eligible for my second sabbatical! :-)

  • Settling In

    Settling In

    My cube move is done. I’ve unpacked all my boxes, received my surge suppressor, and cleaned my white board. My cube feels all shiny and new. By the way, the picture shows a cube “decorated” for its owner’s return from sabbatical.

  • Disneyland Video

    Here’s a video I recorded with my cell phone at Disneyland during my sabbatical. Not bad… It perfectly captures the feeling of sabbatical at about 1:03. ;-)

  • Ashley’s Flower Garden

    Ashley’s Flower Garden

    We took a short break from our travels in the middle of my sabbatical. During that time, Ashley dug up the garden and planted flower seeds. Now that Ashley’s gone on her mission trip, we have something beautiful to remind us of her. Thanks, Ashley! Every time I see your garden, I think of you!

  • Back to Work; Sabbatical is Over

    Back to Work; Sabbatical is Over

    Having cast off for sabbatical eight weeks ago, today was time to plug back into the docking station. Alpha mail. Thankfully, only 500 e-mails were waiting in my inbox and most could be discarded without reading more than the subject line. After accepting a few meeting requests and placing a few phone calls to ensure…

  • Waikiki View

    Waikiki View

    The sabbatical continues, though not without excitement. Yesterday, we hiked up Diamond Head and a couple of us got a helicopter ride off. An ambulance ride and ER visit later, we’re all ready to go again.

  • Dancing in the Rain

    Blogging has been light as we’ve been enjoying my sabbatical. So far, we’ve toured parts of Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South and North Carolina, and Tennessee. The weather in Charlotte is a little extreme right now, but perfect for dancing in the rain.

  • On sabbatical

    Wow! Finally on sabbatical. I have handed almost everything at work and then I can relax.

  • Casting Off

    We’re at PDX, waiting for our flight to Atlanta. The fun begins… :-)