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  • Cool Kid Achievement Unlocked

    Confession time: I didn’t ride my bike to work today.

    Instead, I rode my new longboard.1I bet Jamison is jealous. ;-) Haha!2Is this where I also confess that I worked at a different campus today? Instead of my 4.5-mile commute, it was just less than a mile. :-D

    Cool kid achievement unlocked!3Or maybe, it’s the Bob Goff achievement. That’s even better. :-)

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      I bet Jamison is jealous. ;-)
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      Is this where I also confess that I worked at a different campus today? Instead of my 4.5-mile commute, it was just less than a mile.
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      Or maybe, it’s the Bob Goff achievement. That’s even better. :-)
  • Morning Commute, Part II

    Morning Commute, Part II

    During this morning’s commute, I thought I’d repeat yesterday’s shot. Different day, a little earlier in the morning, a little different composition — resulting in a very different feel.

    This could become a thing. ;-)

  • Morning Commute

    Morning Commute

    Traffic was especially light for my morning commute through Dawson Creek. The ducks and geese had gathered closer to the pond. ;-)

  • Not Just Another Ride to Work

    Not Just Another Ride to Work

    Another trip to Folsom, this time by car. Although the drive is long, there are some benefits — for example, being able to strap my bike to the back.

    This morning, I rode my bike to work along Lake Natoma. I had to stop a moment to look at the oak trees across the field. Beautiful!

  • Chilly Commute

    Chilly Commute

    This morning’s commute was chilly but beautiful.

    Update: I had an errand to run during lunch today — Google maps says it was 20 miles. Turns out the hardest part of the ride was maintaining my cool. First, the full gloves went in the pannier, then the coat. Finally, I untucked my shirt and unbuttoned it. I think shorts would have been nice if I wanted to push just a little bit harder.

    It’s amazing how warm 50° really is.

  • Early Fall Bicycling

    Fall is creeping into Hillsboro and it’s changing my bike commute.

    This morning was 41°, a little chilly for my summer “uniform” of shorts and a button-up shirt. Cold isn’t all bad; I can crank hard without overheating. And it gave me something to talk about with another bicyclist while we waited for a signal.

    Yesterday’s ride was a warmer 55°, but the roads were still wet from overnight rain. I slowed down to stop the rear wheel from sucking up moisture and flinging it at my back.

    Monday, I wimped out and drove. I didn’t want to bike in the morning rain.

    The days are getting shorter. Right now I’m fighting glare: the sun is low and dead ahead coming and going. Pretty soon, I’ll be riding in the dark.

    I’m going to need a few things to keep biking to work:

    • Front and rear fenders. Because I’m using a mountain bike with front shocks, I understand my choices for the front fender are more limited. That’s too bad. Fenders could be useful in the summer, too. Some sprinklers soak the bike paths.
    • A light, waterproof jacket. I can pull out when I need protection from cold or rain, yet can easily stuff away when I don’t.
    • Front and rear lights. Although a dynamo system would be awesome, I think I’ll to settle for battery-powered. My bike lanes aren’t dark, I just want the cage drivers to see me — and not hit me.
    • Rear rack and pannier. This isn’t mandatory, but it would be nice to lose the backpack.

    Are you still biking to work as the weather changes? Or are you eagerly awaiting good weather?

  • A Good Week on the Bike

    Flag Bell

    Last week was a good week for my bike:

    • I had a long ride on Labor Day
    • I commuted every day by bike
    • I even rode my bike to church (about 11.5 miles each way)

    My goal was to ride at least 100 miles — which I achieved. :-)

    Week’s summary:

    Distance104.75 miles
    Actual Time Moving7:22:33 h:m:s
    Average Speed14.1 mph
    Maximum Speed32.8 mph

    In remembrance of 9/11, I’m decreasing our dependence on foreign oil.

  • The Economy of Bicyling to Work

    I rode my bike to work four days last week and a couple of days the week before. Am I saving money? Let’s check the receipts:

    • $29.50 for bicycling gloves
    • $23.00 for bar end grips
    • $??.?? for the new helmet I need to buy today

    If I had driven to work and out for lunch as I normally do for this same time period, I would have used at least $25 worth of gas.

    Fortunately, these items will last a long time. Kinda like the gas in my tank. I filled it a week ago Sunday and it’s still 3/4 full. That’s not going to last because I have to drive to the airport and back this week, but I’m going to get more than the typical two weeks from a tank of gas.

    That works for me.



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