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  • Oak felled

    Oak felled

    A couple of weeks ago, I posted a picture of a couple oaks bordering a field. I returned the next day to take another picture. This last week, one of the oaks fell victim to a feller. Update. Mom emailed to ask why the oak was felled. I reviewed my pictures, including one I took…

  • Oak


    I returned to the oak today.

  • Oak Field

    Oak Field

    Bicycling home from work this evening, I watched the clouds over my shoulder. At the old oak tree across from the airport, I stopped to take a picture.

  • Oak Study

    Oak Study

    There’s an oak tree outside my parents’ balcony — I like to take pictures of it. Here are a few more from this week’s visit. Do you have a favorite?

  • Not Just Another Ride to Work

    Not Just Another Ride to Work

    Another trip to Folsom, this time by car. Although the drive is long, there are some benefits — for example, being able to strap my bike to the back. This morning, I rode my bike to work along Lake Natoma. I had to stop a moment to look at the oak trees across the field.…