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  • A View From 13F

    A View From 13F

    Melissa and I headed south to Sacramento — she, back to school, and me, to work in Folsom for a couple of days.

    It’s nice to have company when traveling. :-)

  • Biking to Work in Folsom

    Biking to Work in Folsom

    Still in the Folsom area, I rode my bike to work again today. This time, I took pictures of the biking infrastructure. It’s quite nice, almost reason enough to move back to the Sacramento area.

    My Folsom commute is a little farther than my Hillsboro commute: 5.46 miles from garage door to bike rack, if my odometer is to be trusted.

  • Not Just Another Ride to Work

    Not Just Another Ride to Work

    Another trip to Folsom, this time by car. Although the drive is long, there are some benefits — for example, being able to strap my bike to the back.

    This morning, I rode my bike to work along Lake Natoma. I had to stop a moment to look at the oak trees across the field. Beautiful!

  • Good Morning, Folsom!

    Good Morning, Folsom!

    The sun greeted me this morning as I walked into FM7.

    A couple of minutes earlier, the sun was skirting the edge of the clouds, casting pale blue rays into the sky. Unfortunately, instead of taking pictures, I was on my knees in the parking lot, peering under my rental car, searching for two renegade AA batteries that escaped when I dropped my camera.

    After a rain-soaked night, it’s nice to see the sun. :-)

  • Good Morning, Folsom!
  • Commute by Bike in Folsom

    Commute by Bike in Folsom

    I brought my bike along as we deliver Melissa to college so I could bike to work in Folsom. That’s a first for me.

    I was able to ride along the American River bike trail part of the way, so I took some pictures. I made a mistake, took a wrong turn, and ended up going over the freeway, so I could see all the poor drivers trapped in their “cages.” So sad on such a beautiful day… :-(

    Update. Of course, the commute goes both directions, but after work, I biked to brother Bob’s house and enjoyed his cool pool with the rest of the family (but not Bob, but that’s a story for another day). Ah, the perfect way to end a day. Grandma and Grandpa brought food over for a picnic supper. Nice!

    I then biked along Lake Natoma back to the Logan family “bed and breakfast.”


    Actual Time Moving1:26:37 h:m:s
    Distance20.14 miles
    Average Speed14.0 miles per hour
    Maximum Speed30.4 miles per hour
  • A View From 4A

    A View From 4A

    An early morning flight from HIO to MHR for a day in FM7. I sat in seat 4A and took a few pictures at the beginning of the flight.

    Update: On the flight home, I sat in an aisle seat, so no pictures. :-(

  • The View From 12C

    The View From 12C

    I had a “quick” day trip to Folsom on the “nerd bird.” It’s a long day, but with close airports, short shuttle trips, and no TSA hassles, I get an 8-hour day on site.

    Of course, I had my camera with me.

    Update. From a comment I received on Facebook, it’s clear I should clarify. The nerd bird is only three seats across: one to the left of the aisle and two on the right. Thus, seat 12C is a window seat. I wasn’t all, “Excuse me! Excuse me! I need to take another picture.” :-D

    Looks like I forgot to take my traditional “engine shot.” :-(

  • Blue Sky

    Blue Sky

    On my way out to the car after work, I pointed my camera straight up.

    Blue! :-)

    Actually, it’s amazingly close to Deep Sky Blue3 or maybe Steel Blue3.



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